Sleep easily with the Perfect Sleep

Struggling to fall asleep? What about putting your headphones, relaxing and starting to nap in less than 15 minutes?

The just-launched Hypnotic Solution Sleep Now! was developed as a complement to the already existent Solution Perfect Sleep. But, differently from its older sister, the Sleep Now! has as a main goal ease the sleep induction process. We analyze here the difference between the two products:

Hypnotic Solution Sleep Now!: Sleep while you listen the Solution
Hypnotic Solution Perfect Sleep: Train your mind to get a good sleep

The utilization of the Perfect Sleep improved my sleep considerably, each day, because I always dreamed a lot, really, a lot! And besides waking up very tired, I also used to wake up in the middle of the night…Since I began listening to the Perfect Sleep, I’m sleeping 100% of the night without waking up!

Get it now (available in Portuguese only):

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